Why choose Direct Kitchens?

The answer to that is simple:

Premium quality at the lowest prices.

The kitchen market-place can be a hard one to navigate. There are high street showrooms, bespoke designers, online retailers, out of town giants. But ultimately the more layers you can strip away, and the closer you can get to the trade, the more affordable the exact same kitchen becomes.

The philosophy of Direct Kitchens is to be able to bring premium quality kitchens to you at trade prices, meaning for the same money as you could buy a flat-packed kitchen from a superstore, you can buy a pre-assembled, top quality, hand-built kitchen made in the UK.

If you have had a quotation from any of these other outlets, we invite you to send it to us as part of your quotation request and you won't be disappointed.

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Clarendon cleverly fuses a simple shaker look with a traditional framed design, for a unique and sophisticated appearance.