Planning Guide

To get you started, and to design you the perfect kitchen, we will need to see as much information about your space as possible when you submit your quotation request.

Key points to bear in mind are....


Measure, measure, measure!

The more information you can supply about your space the better. Basic wall to wall measurements are obviously key, but also remember to include:

  • Windows and doors
  • Ceiling heights
  • Obstructions (pipes, radiators etc)
  • Water points, electrical points, gas points, switches.

Measurements should be supplied in millimetres.


Thoughts on layout?

We list six basic sample layouts on the range pages of this website. These may help you get started, but anything is possible. Often the layout you choose will be determined by the size and layout of the space you have available, but it is ergonomic to group elements together which include:

  • Cooking. Group together the cooking applicances (oven, hob, microwave, pan drawers, storage for oils and spices).
  • Food prep. Group together the fridge, larder, food prep surface.
  • Cleaning. Dishwasher, plates, cutlery, glasses storage.
  • Dining and casual seating. Main table and stools at an island or peninsular.
  • Storage. Short-term for everyday essentials, close to the action and longer-term storage higher up and further away for less frequently used items.


Appliances. What would I like vs what do I need?

Certain appliances are indispensable such as oven, hob, fridge etc, but the list of available appliances is almost endless and you will need to make decisions on whether you would like (or need) a microwave, second oven, wine cooler, instant boiling water tap, barbecue grill and teppan yaki gas on the hob etc.

Whatever your needs, list out the appliances you would like in your kitchen and find a space for each one on your layout. If you need a hand, just ask!


Surfaces and walking spaces

Do you have enough surface area, do you have surface area in the right places, is there enough room to walk through between the island and the dishwasher when the door is down? Here are some basic guidelines to follow.

  • Food prep surface area. Ideally you need enough space away from the cooking appliances to prepare food. If space allows 'open' surface space (without wall units), such as on an island is ideal for this. 
  • Space next to ovens and hob. When handling hot dishes, it is helpful to have a nearby surface to deposit them on rather than struggling to reach the island.
  • Cleaning/food washing surface area. It is helpful to allow 600mm of space either side of the sink for food washing and washing up even if you have a dishwasher.
  • Mixing kitchen and living needs. Do you have sufficient separated spaces for food prep and cooking or will you be competing for counter-top space with school books and charging devices?
  • Sufficient walking space. As a rule of thumb you need 1m between surfaces to walk through, which is important if you are planning an island. 1.2m is ideal if space allows. The island itself is best planned to be 2-3m long by 1-1.4m wide to make the most of the space but not wasting any.


Door design. Traditional, modern, classic, contemporary...

Whilst the cabinets are similar for most kitchens (the colour can be chosen), the look and feel of the door frontals is what defines your kitchen. This often needs to tie in with the rest of your home or can provide a foil to other parts by creating a different look. 

We have a huge range of kitchen doors, all made here in the UK, so browse our collection by choosing from a combination of style, finish and colour. 

Whilst many will arrive in stocked colours, almost all of our kitchens can be custom painted to a huge range of colours, so choose your style first, then your colour and finish.

As with all the points above, our team are here to help, so please be in touh if you need anything.

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1909 Quarter Round

The Quarter Round beading helps to soften the look of the classic Shaker door style for a more subtle yet timeless effect.